PEB Construction

PEB Construction

Pre-Engineered Buildings are tailor made Steel Solution to fit any customer needs. Designed to meet the exact requirements, these buildings are flexible enough to suit different building dimensions. These buildings are the fastest systems of modern day construction, an amalgamation of Speed, Functionality and Durability. These buildings can withstand harsh climatic conditions and provide maintenance free exteriors. These Buildings have unique designs, self-adhesive nature, and thermal insulation properties. These Buildings are Green and are more Sustainable.

Industrial Building & Factories

Green Brick has created Factories for industries like Polymers, Steel, Marble, Plastic, Powder, Detergent, Textiles, Heavy Machineries etc. We design the building looking into every small detail pertaining so that our clients receive maximum output from the Project. We work hard in getting each and every small specifications from the client and design the building in the most meticulous way possible.


Green Brick has created state of the art warehouses across Pan India, catering companies like FMCG, Transport, Oil, Third Party Logistics, Truckers, Retail, and many more. We have an in-depth knowledge of the Warehousing Industry and we understand the ever-evolving market and the needs of these Companies.

Multi Storey Buildings

This segment is quite new to the Indian Market as conventional methods still prevail. We at Green Brick provide fast and easy assembling for such buildings. Created spaces for Office Buildings and Commercial Property in and around Rajasthan. We are still putting a lot of R&D to fully optimize it in its full capacity to obtain maximum results in the future.

Low Cost Housing &Multi Purpose Buildings

Green Brick & its sister concerns in partnership with Sintex Infra Projects Created 100 Dispensaries across Rajasthan for NRHM (National Rural Health Mission) with Prefabricated Technology in a span of less than 6 months in Rural parts of Rajasthan. Green Brick also takes pride in creating Buildings Like Banquet Halls & Sport Centres. We take projects like these very important for the cumulative growth for both the society as well as our Nation.